Over the Hill

by Arsoniste



oh, the powers of forgiveness!


dearest butterfly girl, my wide-eyed wonder,
you tore me asunder, I fell under your spell
I wish you well, but I can tell that you don't feel the same

I used to dream you'd join the line behind my wedding gown
the same people who build you up, can knock you down
the same people who build you up, can turn and knock you down
I had to learn that one for myself now

called me a thief and a liar, oh how did things ever transpire in this way
I cared so much about you, sometimes I wonder if it frightened you away
I feel the shame of looking on you with such desire
I'm confident that white lace never graced a being higher than yourself

you were sitting in the corner of a basement room
your lips were painted red, and I couldn't redirect my
steady thoughts on you, steady thoughts on you
if I could go back

if I thought that it would change a thing
I'd tell you, girl, that I love you
maybe then you'd understand
when I spent so many nights a crying in my room
it wasn't over him, it was over you
it wasn't over him, it was over you


released November 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Arsoniste Halifax, Nova Scotia

Arsoniste (Rachel Sunter) is a synthpop and piano singer-songwriter.

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